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No bad stuff, ever.

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Let us tell you about the bees...

We utilize Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and other plant based foods that are full of life-sustaining nutrients in all of our formulations. Our formulations include a generous portion of Bee Pollen due to its active role in promoting a strong immune system, increased energy, and an overall feeling of good health.

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We are a company based on over 25 years of researching, promoting, educating, and formulating some of the most nutrient-rich, synergistic combinations of superfood ingredients for your body, mind, and spirit.

We have a sincere admiration for the role that the mighty bee plays in our world and eco-systems: from pollinating plants that produce the foods that we consume, to assisting with the beauty of the wildflowers that they make thrive, and contributing greatly to the overall cycle of life. In fact, our company is modeled after this fascinating creature.

To an abundance of health,

- Ed Berry (Earthquake Eddie Bee) Founder

- Chrissy Berry (Royal Bee) Inspirational Bee

Earthquake Eddie Bee

Now Offering HoneyMed!!

HoneyMed is an eclectic blend of Raw Honey and Three Powerful Superfoods
– Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper. Enjoy the synergetic effect of
the living enzymes preserved in our unpasteurized honey combined with
the anti-inflamatory and anti-microbal properties of these three ancient

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What's in a name?

Earthquake Eddie Bee is a nickname that came about in the early 1980s, when owner Ed Berry was growing up along the Gulf Coast. The '70s and '80s were considered the "Golden Era" of Professional Wrestling, and it was the thing to watch and emulate as a young boy. During this time when there were only three channels on television, wrestling took center stage after school and every Saturday night.

Ed, his brother Frank (aka Frank the Tank), and numerous friends would re-enact the matches that they watched from Madison Square Garden, Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa; believing wholeheartedly that they were real. One day while holding matches in the backyard, neighborhood pal Charles Cummings coined the nickname “Earthquake Eddie B” for his friend Ed Berry. It stuck.

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