Feedback from real-life customers!

I was so delighted to hear you developed a line of nutritional products! When the undertaking is accomplished with high integrity, passion, purpose, and experience, the quality will be there! Opening the package, I thought the name and graphic--Earthquake Eddie Bee- is perfect. It exudes stamina and staying power as you do. After all, you're a champion martial artist, trainer, and skilled teacher of self-defense who knows firsthand about stamina. The formulations are superb! The taste is enjoyable and you've made them easy and convenient to take. Above all, you meet that important life and health standard- Nourish You Flourish! (Don't, You Won't.) Congratulations for all the excellence!

-Suzanne M.

I just started using the Pollen Power Punch Earthquake Eddie Bee, what a great combination of ingredients, sent my energy level soaring, what's great about this also is that the energy is sustained and you do not experience any type of crash and it lasts all throughout the day. Plus, there are so many good products in here from immune boosters to detoxifiers, what a huge win hitting this formula like this for Ed, I wish more people knew about it.

-John L.

Hey Ed. I just want to thank you so much for your Eddie Bee products. About a week ago we made the decision that we would be sure to use the Pollen Power and the smoothie mix every single day no matter what and it is like a miracle! The energy I am feeling is amazing and there is definitely an anti inflammatory effect happening. We have really suffered for the past several years from a lot of different issues related to our moldy house. Inflammation being the problem from toxic molds. I just don’t know why we did not do this before. We were using them but sporadically. I have had so many allergy problems in the past couple of years that I have been afraid to eat anything but I know now that your products are no problem for me. I now feel that this is going to really help us deal with our mold health problems. I am excited about this! Thank you so so much Ed!  

-Gwynn B.

It’s helping me too! I make a little shake every morning with a supplement called Thrive by Le-vel, greens, ginger, a little protein and your tasty smoothie mix! Yummy and nutritious!

-Stella C

Well, I have gotten hooked on your bee pollen protein supplement. I feel stronger and have better endurance the days I start off with an earthquake smoothie.

-Patsy V.

Hello Ed, I know this is very anecdotal but I used both products probably 5 days last week in my smoothies and I hit a PR 3 times on my Peloton! I had a lot of energy and felt amazing afterwards.

Laura G.

I am going to order my next bag today!!!! I love putting this in my smoothies, the energy I have is amazing (and I usually work 15 hour days) and I notice on the days I do use it I do not notice my hip pain at all and I sleep better !!!! Thanks Ed for this awesome product !!!

Kimberly P.